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Y.I.W.A.E is an acronym meaning You are, I am, We Are Enough.

We support Individuals, Families, Education providers and Organisations, with nurturing the tools to develop meaning to our history and present day. Identity is something many of us struggle with as the markers we follow has been set by others. Using genealogy as a tool to combine factual history to develop a worldwide mindset to understand many cultures within and outside your own.

We live day to day, searching for our place in the world, all of what we need can already be found within.

You & I can represent the individual, whilst We reflects a community.

We are a composition of 2 parents, 46 alleles passing down generations.

We are a living representation of what has come before.

Our Families and Histories have a lot within it for us to make sense of many of the thoughts and feelings we have today.

Our small team are dedicated to ensuring we provide the highest level of service for your developing needs.

Family Tree/Legacies exploration is a healing tool that many of us need.

(Without knowing it is something we are missing)

Our Story

The YIWAE Tree Difference

Selena Carty, born and bred in Brixton, South London, Mother of 2, Cultural & Ancestral Genealogist, Global War Heritage Specialist, Identity & Empowerment Consultant & Founder of BlackPoppyRose & BlackRose or Remembrance. I find great rewards in learning more and supporting others to locate the pieces to a puzzle they didn’t know needed to be built.

I am 1st Generation born in England as all 4 of my grandparents and both parents travelled to England during the Windrush Era 1948 – 1971. When I look back my family history takes me to the island of Jamaica and then to the continent of Africa and Europe. Understanding ‘How’ I have come to be and what is my purpose has been revealed to me from exploring my family legacies and global community histories. Through the highs and lows of the journey, I have come out a much more whole individual and feel I have more to offer my children, family and local, national and international communities in ways of creating a foundation of our existence.

Cultural and Ancestral Genealogist

African/Black History/Culture and Creativity can be found within my birth place that dates to the Romans and beyond.

I have re-united over 500 people from Canada, USA, West indies, West Africa and within the UK.

Families who have hired us to unearth their family trees have found both positive and negative information on their journey; we have been able to reflect on times past learning so much more about the present and upbringings‌. This is helps us to make more informed choices in the present.

Areas We Explores

Grave Stones
Grave Stones
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Archive Records
Online files
Online files
Personal Accounts
Personal Accounts

Tales from back in the day

War Stories