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How It Works

We offer five tiers of services

Family Tree Search Options

Being able to look back in time to understand how you have come to be is a personal experience to us all. Identifying a historical timeline can both inspire and empower all involve in ways unimaginable. You are the more important person to start from. As going further back is both exciting and fulfilling. It is the knowing this, that can fill that gaps found when looking into ones identity.

Looking at one ancestral line at a time, we start to build a picture of people you have know, heard of or knew nothing about.

Within each option we produce a conclusive report on all the information we acquire. Detailing every aspect of the documents found. This information is built into creating the Family Tree you have selected.

The option that includes a brief historical timeline allows us to set the stage. The times people lived in reflect their jobs, occupations and social statuses. Selecting this option allows us to explore your family documents in much more detail to produce a historical timeline which highlights your families existence.

Once we have explored the records, many families decide that Family Tree Books are the perfect way to display this information to their families close and extended. Please refer to Additional Services for more information.

What is meant by generations

The main person for each generation means the person that links the generations together e.g.

  • 1st Generation: The person requiring the research
  • 2nd Generation: Their Mother or Father (Depending on which side is being traced)
  • 3rd Generation: Maternal or Paternal Single Grandparent
  • 4th Generation: Single Great Grandparents of 3rd Generation individual found

n.b The prices are based on exclusive time spent working on your Family Tree. In many cases the time will be significantly more, the cost to you will remain the same

Some family names are more difficult to research than others and may be better suited to Adhoc research. If this is the case, we will speak with you.

In any event that it will not prove possible to research your family refunds will be given where this has been recognised before the job has begun. (Minus the deposit)

In cases where it has not been possible to predict this before the job has started, the amount refunded will reflect the cost of the hours already spent.

We provide further discounts on referred business*

*Contact us for further details

Adhoc work

All Adhoc charges are £65 per hour

This may be suitable for areas of research that does not require your whole family tree to be researched. This may include searching specific records or repositories. As well as interviewing elders/family members, which Y.I.W.A.E is happy to do on your behalf.
For large projects, it may be necessary to invoice you monthly throughout the research process, but this will be determined on an individual basis.

Historical Events Consultancy

Using your family/birth place timeline, we explore the changes that have occurred within current history to expand your knowledge and understandings of patterns that continue to occur and discuss further whether new ones are emerging.

Change is the duty of the future, a future who have been educated with the truth of how they came to be.

Overseas Consultancy

  • We work with you to create a step by step plan for your travelling to your ancestor’s homeland. Using the information, you have already gathered and finding out what more can be made available for you on your travels.
  • Any further support required is charged by the hours booked. (Subject to availability)

Overseas Travel

  • *Travel cost (Not Travel time)
  • *Visas
  • *Any additional travel expenses required
  • *Accommodation (To be discussed based on location)
  • *Internet & Mobile Communication
  • *Transportation

We look for ancestral land, old homes, graves, whilst documenting elders, family stories and so much more. Archives are wonderful places, however finding out where your families, lived, worked, went to school, a world they left behind or remained provides so many answers to questions you did not know to ask.

The information we collect is processed and a beautiful detailed  report is produced. The rewards are very worthwhile.

Beyond 4th Generation 

  • Beyond 4th Generation…How far can we go?

Not all of us can reach further back past our 4th Generations. This can be fore many reason, not enough information, damaged documents, documents lost or destroyed.  Y.I.W.A.E provides an option which allows a realistic look into how far back we can go using the tools and expertise available to us.


Not everyone requires their family trees to be done. Whether a novice or an expert, another set of eyes can help to start or continue forward.

Y.I.W.A.E provides support for those of you who need/want it. Please refer to Adhoc work.

Contact us with your enquiries and we well will get back to you.

Beyond 4th Generation

  • Beyond 4th Generation…How far can we go?

Not all of us can reach further back past our 4th Generations. This can be fore many reason, not enough information, damaged documents, documents lost or destroyed.  Y.I.W.A.E provides an option which allows a realistic look into how far back we can go using the tools and expertise available to us.

Large Printed Family Tree

Maternal or Paternal or One United Family (Maternal & Paternal Families)

Prices from £200

Family Tree History Book

Using the information from your Family tree research, narratives from your living relatives, memories, pictures, with historical timelines. We will create a beautiful bespoke Family Tree history Book for you and your family to share over generations. Including as much or as little as you desire. The book/s are a lasting memory of those who came before you whilst capturing many memorable moments within the present. We work with you to design your front and back covers, whilst designing the interior of your book. Ensuring all the information, pictures and certificates are clear and well presented.

Prices from £550

Organisations Family Tree Historical workshops (Novice/Intermediate/Advanced)

Our workshops are founded on Historical facts and cultural studies. This allows us to provide all who we support with references they can take further if there is an interest. We engage with all ages, establishing a respectful environment for everyone. We use visual, aural, verbal, physical, logical and social styles of learning to ensure we are able to support all groups. Learning history has never been more fun. Once we place each individual within the timeline, the creativeness of where we end up is always exciting.

History is a wide and diverse matter. It can help to enrich the understanding of many if only they had the access to it. Once given the access it can wipe away many levels of ignorance that can be held on matters unknown. A lot of what we understand today has not been taught. It is formed from opinions, news articles and behaviours witnessed or overheard. We provide organisations with empowering workshops to provide a more empowered, educated work force who are more aware about diversity and inclusion.

Y.I.W.A.E ensures all who participates will leave learning something new that they can use within everyday life.

1.5 hr workshop:  From £600
3 hrs workshop: From £900

Organisations Identity Workshops

Covering a history timeline around what is a Human Being. Exploring the geniuses of history with their scientific finding as well as historical use of terms. An interactive workshop to enlighten all people around Identity and what is has meant, to what is means now. To assist many who are still looking for what it means today.

3 hour workshop – From £900

School Family Tree & Identity workshops

Using world history, we guide the students into developing stories using their family history as their guides. To make the stories personal to everyone which, provides a level of commitment untapped within their expressive creativity.

Superheroes are made from their historical memories. We aim to empower the Superheroes of the future with our super interactive workshops

3 hours from £500

Exploring the Family Tree

Using family tree case studies, we are raising more awareness around the importance of documenting present and most recent past history. As it is not until we get older, where we start to truly appreciate the stories told from the past. These stories we use even without knowing them.

If you want to book us to come and deliver talks please contact us.

Keep a look out for talks we have scheduled each month.

Eclectic Range of History

Anasi the Spider, Little Red Riding Hood, Batman, The Hungry Caterpillar, The Little Red Hen, The chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Star Wars, Harry Potter, The Children of Blood and Bones. These stories have all been built on around history.

Y.I.W.A.E use an eclectic range of history to empower our young people into explore their own imaginations. Using their very own history as the base to built upon. Self-identity has never been so enriching. As once they have developed this understanding within themselves, they confidence to establish change is limitless.

Workshops for Children/Adults/Groups

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A 50% deposit must be made to start the work
Full Payment terms are 28 – 84 days after the deposit has been received
Payment plans are available, please enquire.

Payment types:
– Online through Stripe/Paypal
– Bank Transfer

Details will be provided as required.

n.b  All Paypal transactions incur a 6% charge to cover Paypal fees