There are some many reasons people give as to why they have not started, or yet to finished their journeys to building a family tree. We understand there is a lot of trauma and healing that can be experienced whilst in doing this. Self identity can be found in understanding the journey that has been made for your presence to have been made on the Earth. It is very emotionally, but only the truth can establish firm foundations.

Start you yourself and what can be gathered using your living relatives

Each Family Tree is very different, as is the availability of history and records.

Every Family is unique, as are the outcomes for this question.

This is a personal choice, which we consult on for you to have as much information as you can to take your next steps

We discuss methods to attempt to access as much information as humanly possible. Many memories can be entangled with difficult experiences, we respect everyones choice to reveal or retain.

Sometimes. It depends on what results you are looking for.

From EVERYONE you can think of.

With your memories and those who are still here.

Do you know his name?

Selena Carty’s maternal Great Grandfather, Isaac Simeon Bent, Born in 1903, St Elizabeth, Jamaica, BWI