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Yiwae Highlights / legacy

100 years since World War One, 70 years since the SS Empire Windrush docked in England. Both events in history has impacted so many families. We explore the historical events around your family legacies to undercover / document your history with you. Culture is unique to so many and can be impacted in ways we have not comprehended. Y.I.W.A.E assist in making sense of your place in History.


Many of our families migrated to the UK within 10 years of the end of WWII.

Deeply rooted within Britain before this time, Africans/Black people have been the backbone of the nation…which is not different to any historical period.

Facing hard time whilst providing for families here and abroad bringing with them skills to improve: Education/Educators, Housing, Economics, NHS, London Transport, Factories, Seamtresses/Tailors, Food, Music, Entertainment and so much more influence has been made by our communities.

The Sons of Albert Carty RAF WW2

Each Son developed his own skills and became an integral part of the land they called home. Again their legacies meant they could provide for their families and provide a foundation for them to build upon to build a new culture within the generations to follow.

For more info on WW2 go to www.blackpoppyrose.org

Albert Carty No2 Construction Battalion WW1

My distance cousin Albert Carty served for Canada to support Britain in WW1. His efforts meant he could provide for his family for the future. We are grateful he returned from the war with his life. His legacy continued on as his 5 sons also served fro Canada to support Britain in WW2

For more info on WW1 go to www.blackpoppyrose.org

Families Born and Bred in the UK

Bringing our stories, faith, celebrations, expressiveness…Facing Teddy Boys, Racism, Exclusion, Abuse and more, our communities are not remembering the stories that have provided the foundations for what we have today. We would like to assist in making sense to the dynamics we are experiencing around identity and culture